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Backyard of a home in Grovetown, GA with a beautifully mowed lawn by QuickCall Services.

Lawn Mowing Service in Martinez, GA

For the areas of Martinez, Evans, Grovetown, and other Augusta, GA areas, we provide scheduled mowing services that promote growth, as well as optional fertilization and aeration services.

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Professional lawn mowing and maintenance services in Martinez, GA, and surrounding areas such as Evans and Grovetown.

Lawn mowing is the standard service each homeowner thinks about when they need lawn service. Proper and consistent mowing is essential to healthy grass growth, even more important than fertilization! That’s why professional lawn mowing and maintenance are the main services we offer to homeowners and businesses in the Martinez, Evans, and Grovetown areas around Augusta, GA.

Back yard at a home in Martinez, GA that has been professionally mowed by QuickCall Services.

Lawn mowing is more than cutting the grass.

In case you didn’t know, there actually is a right and wrong way to cut the grass on your lawn. There are a few key elements which contribute to a successful mow and allow for strong regrowth, which are consistency, proper height, and sharp blades. There are also other factors that play a more aesthetic role such as alternating mowing patterns and using the properly sized equipment to avoid ruts.


When cutting the lawn, consistency is important because the grass will become overgrown, which invites pests and disease, as well as stops the lawn from evenly distributing nutrients/resources absorbed. During the prime growing season from early March through the end of October, weekly mows are recommended. At the very beginning and end of the season, we can do bi-weekly cuts as the grass is growing slower. Throughout the season, you should expect around 25 to 30 mowing sessions.

Proper Height

Mowing the lawn to the proper height is extremely important and cannot be achieved without consistency. The reason is that we must follow the 1/3rd rule, which means we never cut more than a third of the grass blade off. This is vital to the success of regrowth because it allows for maximum photosynthesis, which means the grass creates its own nutrients from carbon dioxide and water by absorbing sunlight. When you cut the grass too low, there is not enough left on the blade for this to happen properly.

For each lawn, we analyze the grass type to see if you have Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia, or some other variety. Based on your grass type, we will determine the height at which to keep your lawn, for example, Bermudagrass grass stays shorter at 1.5-2 inches, whereas St. Augustine stays taller at 3 to 4 inches.

Sharp Blades

Believe it or not, the sharpness of the mower blades also plays a role in proper cutting and regrowth of the lawn. If the mower blades are dull, they will tear the grass blade instead of making a clean cut. With the grass blade being torn, it will take longer to recover and absorb the nutrients properly. When you hire our team, we ensure our blades stay sharp all the time.

A healthy green front lawn at a home in Evans that receives ongoing lawn care maintenance services.

Maintenance service goes beyond mowing.

There is more to maintaining your grass than just mowing. With every standard mowing service, we also provide edging along sidewalks and driveways, weed-eating around obstacles such as your home, mailbox, trees, and patio, as well as blowing the clippings back into the grass to break down as nutrients.

There are also additional and optional services we offer to make your lawn thrive, such as fertilization, aeration, and dethatching.

Fertilization Services

Lawn fertilization helps to provide additional nutrients your grass needs to grow healthier, which results in a greener and thicker lawn. Typically, fertilizer should be applied at least 4 times throughout the year. In spring, a slow-release fertilizer is recommended to jump-start the growing season. During the summer months, two more applications are recommended to supplement growth. In the fall, just before winter, a fast-release fertilizer is recommended to prepare for the dormant season.

Aeration & Dethatching

Core aeration and dethatching is a service we often provide just prior to fertilization, but also carries many benefits of its own. This is the process of removing thatch (dead plant matter, roots, and other debris between the soil and grass) and creating small holes all throughout your yard (aerating). This process allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the root system of your grass, so it can better absorb the nutrients it needs to grow.

QuickCall Services truck and lawn equipment beside a recently mowed lawn in Grovetown

Schedule your mowing service for the year or discuss fertilization and aeration with us!

Ready to sit back and let the pros handle your lawn service this year? Give us a call at (706) 434-9583 and we’ll provide a free estimate for your property. You can also sign up for our optional services of fertilization and aeration/dethatching at the same time. All of our lawn services are currently available to homes and businesses in Martinez, GA, and other surrounding Augusta areas such as Evans and Grovetown.

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