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"Going the extra mile, one yard at a time"
Perfectly trimmed shrubs and bushes at a home in Evans with frequent landscape maintenance.

Landscape Maintenance In Martinez, GA

Our landscaping maintenance services in Martinez, Evans, and Grovetown, GA include trimming and pruning, mulching, weeding, annual flower planting, and more!

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Professional Landscape Maintenance Services in Martinez, GA & Other Nearby Areas

Our professional lawn and landscaping crew provides all the outdoor services your property needs to keep looking its best, including full maintenance of your landscaping. Our services reach the areas of Martinez, Evans, Grovetown, GA, and surrounding areas. From trimming and pruning to weeding and ground coverings, your landscaping will be well-maintained throughout the year.

Trimming & Pruning

Part of our landscaping maintenance service is to make sure your shrubs, hedges, and small trees are growing properly. Trimming and pruning help remove overgrown branches, which allows the plant to gain better access to light and moisture. Trimming also enables your trees, shrubs, and hedges to grow back thicker and healthier, which gives your landscaping improved curb appeal. As an added benefit, your plants become less susceptible to disease and insect infestation.


We offer mulching services to revitalize your landscaping beds. Mulch not only adds a fresh touch to your landscaping, but also is also beneficial to the health of your plants and soil underneath.

Benefits of mulching your landscaping beds include:

  • Provides insulation to the soil during both hot and cold temperatures.
  • Enables the soil to retain moisture, which promotes healthy plant growth.
  • Mulch acts as a natural weed barrier in your landscape beds.
  • Helps to prevent soil erosion during rain and watering.

Our customers’ popular mulch choices include pine straw, colored mulch (brown, black, and red), and cypress mulch. On occasion, we have installed rubber mulch for a few customers. Regardless of the type of mulch, we always install at a depth of 2-3 inches for maximum benefits.

Remember, it is crucial to lay new mulch at least yearly and rock bi-yearly!


Weeds recently removed from a landscaping bed in front of a home in Evans, GA.

One nuisance that all homeowners face is weeds growing in their landscape beds. We offer weeding services to take care of these weeds for you. Our professionals come in and pull any visible weeds by hand, without the use of chemicals. This leaves your landscape beds looking fresh, clean, and weed free.

Small Plantings & Annual Flowers

Annual flowers ready to be planted by QuickCall Services in Martinez.

As part of our landscaping services, we also offer small planting services for annual flowers and shrubs. This is a great way to add seasonal color to your existing landscape. In Georgia, due to the warm climate, there are two seasons of annual planting.

Popular choices for summer annuals are:

  • Begonia
  • Forget-Me-Not
  • Geranium
  • Marigold
  • Petunia

A great selection of winter annuals includes:

  • Pansies
  • Violas
  • Snapdragons
  • Flowering Kale
  • Sweet Pea

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At QuickCall Services, we give your landscaping the care and attention it needs so you can focus your time and energy on other things in your life! Call us today at (706) 434-9583 and schedule your landscaping maintenance services in our books! We currently offer routine landscaping maintenance to the Martinez, Evans, and Grovetown areas in Georgia!

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