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"Going the extra mile, one yard at a time"
Using a mini skid steer to install gravel at a home in Martinez, GA.

Landscaping & Mini Skid Steer Work In Martinez, GA

Our mini skid steer services can turn a distressed property from an overgrown state to ready to be put on the market.

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Landscaping & Mini Skid Steer Services for Properties in the Martinez, Evans, & Grovetown Areas of Augusta, GA

With our mini skid steer and other landscaping services, we're able to provide a wide range of services for residential properties throughout Martinez, Evans, Grovetown, and nearby areas of Georgia. If your property is overgrown, we can quickly restore it for you so that it looks like it's ready for sale, or we can install drainage or clear your land for new purposes. We also install pathways using the mini skid steer to help increase accessibility throughout your property.

We clean up distressed properties and replace landscaping with new, quality features.

When your property becomes overgrown and distressed, it can be difficult to manage. That's where we come in. Our mini skid steer powers through thick brush growth and grass to help restore your property to its original condition. The skid steer is 36" wide, meaning it can fit through smaller gates to access backyards as well. A full-size skid steer would require fence removal, whereas our mini skid steer avoids that and can access harder-to-reach areas. We'll also remove fallen limbs, fences, shrubs, and boulders with the grapple rake attachment.

After we correct the overgrowth, our landscaping crews come in to install brand new landscaping with quality features that increase your curb appeal.

Our drainage, leveling, and grading services help to redirect water and allow us to level out areas of your land.

A French drain is installed at a property near Evans, GA to redirect water flow.

If you're experiencing issues with water pooling on your property or draining too close to your foundation, we offer drainage and grading services.

Installing a French drain will allow water to flow farther away from your home. We create a trench, line it with gravel and add in a pipe to redirect water flow. We also level and grade any areas of your property that have issues with drainage or to also prepare them for landscape installation.

Need a gravel pathway or driveway? We prepare the land by clearing any grass and topsoil, leveling it or grading and then spread the gravel, which is typically crushed stone.

Land and brush clearing prepare your property for other uses.

Clearing land and brush with a mini skid steer gives you the chance to reclaim your property, especially when you have thick brush growth such as brush, bamboo, and small trees up to 3 inches in diameter on your overgrown property. We use our walk-behind brush cutter so you can use your yard again. This service is particularly valuable to homeowners and property investors.

Creating a gravel pathway with our mini skid steer in Evans, GA.

We can also clear fence lines and excavate when necessary.

If you need to clear your fence lines, we can do that as well. Once they're cleared, you'll then be able to install new fencing around your property. If the area needs any necessary excavation work, we're ready to help there as well.

We'll grade land and dig a place for pond overflow pipe.

A drain pipe being dug and installed in Martinez, GA.

Using the mini skid steer, we dug out a section for this new water feature and dug a place for pond overflow pipe. We also graded the land and sloped it after the rough pond was dug. For this particular pond project, we did the finish work after the rough pond was installed—we graded, installed mulch, and more.

Does your residential property need a facelift? Call us to come help.

At QuickCall Services, we're able to provide many services with our mini skid steer from clearing overgrown landscaping to clearing plots of land. If your residential property needs a facelift or needs to be repurposed, we're available. Call us today at (706) 434-9583 so we can come help you with your property in the Martinez, Evans, and Grovetown areas of Augusta, GA.

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